You cannot comprehend the actual paragraphs in single rotation of Earth

Hey - got a death threat from Temporal Phoenix last night, saying that the big ole boys that make the world go round, are going to wipe me off the Earth. They can't allow the Time Cube Principle to continue.

The ONEist educated with their flawed 1 eye

No human has a right to believe wrong - for that would be evil thinking.

It Is The Absolute Verifiable Truth & Proven Fact That Your Belly-Button Signature Ties To Viviparous Mama.

You have opposite brains to think opposite, but Big Brother icepick academic lobotomy has destroyed your mentality to think opposite of the evil singularity you are taught. The 4 days is above your godism and you don't even want to know. Universe is composed of opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - equating to + / -, a zero existence, depicted by Pyramid's bare coffer. Your 1Day God Makes You Evil. 4 Corner Days Are Absolute, but ignored by stupid/evil educators. Until cornered, word is fictitious. God is product of fictitious word. 4Day Cube Disproves 1Day God All creation within the universe is composed of opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - with opposite races, opposite seasons, opposite luck, opposite directions and opposite perspectives - equating a harmonic rotating zero value existence. "To know all, is to know nothing". You must attack the word bastards who preach and teach evil godism and racism singularity lies, for any singularity brotherhood is mental slavery that desecrates family, village and tribal opposites. Americans are dumbass, educated stupid and evil singularity fools. I will wager $10,000.00 that within the Cubic embodiment of Nature, there are 4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation

by potch