You cannot comprehend the actual paragraphs in single rotation of Earth

God SINGULARITY and the academic taught singularity constitute great evils in the Cubic World of Opposites - Opposites hemispheres and Opposite sexes of humanity. The Universe is composed of Opposites - existing only as Opposites - with a zero value existence - cancelling to nothing as a singularity.

All humans are created and exist between the opposites of male and female values. Add the opposites together and humans cease to exist. A single God is death and constitutes evil worship. I am flabbergasted that the "big brother" hired pedants can brainwash and indoctrinate the powerful antipode human mind to ignore the simple math of 4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth, to worship one and trash three. EVIL OBSCURANTISM (Deliberately withholding CUBIC KNOWLEDGE) No human "entity" exists. Cube is opposite perfection. Singularity is death worship.

I have offered $10,000.00 to the evil bastards if they disprove Time Cube. They can't disprove it, so they hide like yellow-belly bastards they are. There is no human entity, just human Cubics - as in 4 different people in a 4 corner stage metamorphic rotation - never more than 1 corner at same time. Cubeless education - is a deadly evil. Cubeless educators are evil bastards. Humans are dumb, educated stupid, and evil. They don't want to know Nature's Cubic Order of Creation. Man invented word, and calls it god. "The Word World", imposed by the academic institutions, is synonymous with the Matrix's induced "Dream World". Both are most efficient mind enslavers, and humans know not their difference from "The Cubic World", the creation principle of all that exist. Corruption of Word

Fraudulent ONEness of religious

Fraudulent ONEness of religious

by potch