You cannot comprehend the actual paragraphs in single rotation of Earth

Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.

Humans are evil to worship singularity of 1day education, ignoring Nature's Harmonic Cubic Antipodal Creation. Academic singularity is as evil as God singularity evil. You have not the mentality to comprehend the simple math of Cubic antipode creation, for at about age 6, your parents gave your 2 opposite antipode brains to Big Brother academic hirelings, to clone thought to serve evil singularity brotherhood - destroying Cubic families, villages and tribes. Creation is by opposites, opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - not queer singularity. You've been educated stupid by "Big Brother" singularity. Singularity God is evil belief. Cubic antipode creation debunks singularity. Cube is the most perfect form of opposites. Opposite hemispheres equate opposite cubes. Opposite sex cubes equate to a crap-shoot. Your God claimed to have created a single day rotation of Earth. I offer absolute proof that I have created 4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth. You worship "Evil Singularity", equating you to a "singularity bastard". Why do you worship a queer 1 day God? Are you content as a singularity queer? Einstein was singularity stupid, and you are singularity stupid. "Born Cubic, THINK CUBIC", you rotate a 4 corner stage life. Singularity educated humans are not intelligent. The universe does not exist, except as opposites - with a zero value existence. Add the opposites together and the universe ceases to exist.

Days Same Earth Rotation.

I have $10,000.00 that I will wager that Cubicism transcends and disproves Theism Creation.

1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.

by potch