You cannot comprehend the actual paragraphs in single rotation of Earth

Academic free speech is a damn lie. Try to discuss & debate Nature's Time Cube and your evil teachers will not allow you. Ignorance of Time Cube dooms humans, inflicting their own created "word hell". Educators are actually "evil word gods", teaching commercial plunder of Nature. The damn bastards suppress free speech, by denying Time Cube debate discussion. Students MUST DEMAND free speech - for the greatest of all human discoveries: Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4 Day Rotating Creation Principle of Cubicism. Educated stupid, you can't know Truth. Read physics of Santa Claus . Explain the physics of a god. Belief has no inherent value, but worship of such nonvalue as a god, equates to nonacceptance of Cubic knowledge - as demonstrated by ineffable Truth and the Highest Order of Wisdom. I can talk with a human for hours about the Time Cube and they will agree with every claim I make. But at the end of the conversation, they remark that they believe in the nonvalue belief god and cannot accept Cubic Creation, regardless of all the ineffable Truth and Wisdom it proves. A Belief Matrix pulls a 1 day world over your eyes, while the real Cubic World has 4 simultaneous days in 1 Earth rotation. Educators own your mind and fills it with garbage, that will soon destroy humanity. >

Truth Was That They All had

I think Cubic, therefore I rise above the singularity mentality human and the false gods they worship - discovering a Universe of Opposites their education will never allow them to know. Evil of believing is not measuring and the result of not measuring - is never knowing Truth, ineffable by man or god.

4 Earth corners rotate 4 Time corners - for 4 simultaneous day rotation of Earth - equating the principle of a 4 pole motor. Academic bastards will deny the obvious. Americans are EVIL for ignoring Cubicism. Acknowledge the 4 days or you die evil. Do not pass this point without the 4 days. Dr. Gene Ray, will be interviewed on FTL@freetalklive.com, at 8pm on Friday 7, about Time Cube discovery - greatest discovery of human existence.

Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24 Hrs., 1 Day God Was Wrong.

by potch