You cannot comprehend the actual paragraphs in single rotation of Earth

No human or god can match Nature's simultaneous 4 day rotation in 1 Earth rotation.

Creation is the Harmonics of Opposites - Opposites are the Harmonics of Creation. God entity is queer sex, or no opposite sex. God Oners must ban all sex with Opposites. Trinity of males degrade female opposites. Sex okay for atheist, but not God Oneists. Opposite hemispheres equate planets to a Giant Brain, that has 4 faces, but no limbs. Adults create baby, baby evolves to adult. No 1 God can create a planet of opposites, which equate to a zero value existence, and cancels to nothing as an entity in death. "Cubic Time" - Cubes Earth, Life and Truth Word God is Bad Math MATH SHOWN HERE IS FAR SUPERIOR TO GOD AND CHRISTIANITY. USE IT TO SAVE HUMANITY.

No human has a right to believe wrong - for that would be evil thinking.

Singularity has no God within "The Universe of Opposite Corner Life" - opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - by which all Earth life exist. For as long as you dumbass, educated stupid and evil bastards IGNORE Cubic Creation, your sons and daughters deserve to die and be maimed in foreign lands - while killing innocent women and children. Keep ignoring me you evil asses and observe the slaughter of your children protecting the oil barons ripping off their families back home. The enemy is back home, not in foreign lands. Ignore me & keep counting the dead sons. Creation occurs via opposites. Singularity is the death math of religious/academic Godism. Earth Opposites should split apart - and cascade molten lava upon God Worshippers, for they are the evil on Earth. If god is your father, your mother is a whore. Opposite Creation vs evil god entity. He who speaks, preaches, teaches, condones or practices SINGULARITY - an evil that equates DEATH by cancellation of universal OPPOSITES - hemispheres, sexes, seasons, races, temperatures, marriages and divided cell (the human Cubic who rotates a 4 corner stage family rotating metamorphic lifetime) - should have their evil lying tongue cut out. Educators are lying bastards. -1 x -1= +1 is WRONG, it is academic stupidity and is evil. The educated stupid should acknowledge the natural antipodes of+1 x +1 = +1and -1 x -1 = -1 exist as plus and minus values of opposite creation - depicted by opposite sexes and opposite hemispheres. Entity is death worship - for it cancels opposites. I have invested 30 years of my life and over 1/4 millions dollars researching Nature's 4 - simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth. Religious/Academic word taught singularity is contradicted as evil lies by the simple math of the Cube's Opposite Corners - the most perfect symmetry within the Universe. Academic SINGULARITY is a contradiction to the opposite sexes, the opposite hemispheres and to the universe of opposites that exist as a zero value existence. The academic taught singularity/entity is but poison fed the human populace - slow death. I can say that educators "eat shit" and they only cower and hide, doing nothing that will induce debate, that will indict them as evil. Americans will die SINGULARITY stupid, their brain lobotomized by EVIL educators. Neither EARTH or HUMAN exist as entities, but opposites. Earth is composed of opposite hemispheres which rotate in opposite directions - equal to a zero value existence (plus & minus). As entity, the opposite hemispheres cancel out. Earth exist as 4 - 90 degree opposite corner quadrants, but not as a 360 degree circle. Earth is Cubic opposites, nothing as circle. A singularity inflicted scholar has not the mentality, freedom or guts to know that academia is a Trojan Horse mind control. Singularity brotherhood owns your brain, destroying your ability to think Cubicism. Evil academia blocks out Time Cube site and suppresses its discussion and debate. You are an educated singularity idiot who can stupidly deny Nature's Harmonic 4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth, or even make parody of the Cubic Creation Principle - but your mental ability to comprehend thegreatest social and scientific discovery of all human existence has been lobotomized by the evil academic singularity bastards hired to destroy your ability to think opposite. You cannot comprehend Opposite Creation. Religous/academic taught singularity is the reduction of the human mind to android. The half of Earth seen from space, cannot exist without the opposite half not seen... existing as opposite values. Earth entity does not exist - for it is composed of opposite hemispheres which rotate in opposite directions - equating to a zero value existence, and to nothing as a "singularity". You were educated to live an evil lie - and your heirs will suffer hell for your stupidity. The entity you seek is death. Educators teach assumed math, but are too damn dumb, stupid and evil to know that until Word is cornered, Math is fictitious. Academic/Religious Word is a fictitious Trojan Horse and the most efficient form of human enslavement ever concocted by "Singularity Brotherhood of Bastardism". I INVOKE a CURSE upon the educators that their students will awake from their academic induced stupor & seek revenge. You are evil to believe in the singularity concept of a God, for the whole Universe and everthing within is composed of Opposites - which exists only as Opposites with a zero value existence - and nothing as an entity. When adults go to heaven, children still living on Earth will burn in the hell that adults created for them. Love of God is hate for child. Schools teach religious evil. YOU are a Cubic Creature, Opposites create Opposites. Educated Singularity stupid, empowering evil way of life. Religious / academic taught Singularity is Evil & Murder. Academia has enslaved you as a Word Animal - kneel, you educated stupid jackass. I can lead you to 4 Wisdom, but I can't free your brain from the evil of singularity.

No human has a right to believe wrong - for that would be evil thinking.

by potch